List of Free URL shortening websites for Digital Marketing Part I

List of Free URL shortening websites for Digital Marketing Part I

Top 15 free URL shortening websites for Digital Marketing



In the era of technology like now, digital marketing is the most chosen option by all organizations to market their products and services online. Digital marketing is nothing but promoting a company’s services online by advertising online, sending links to the website through blog posts, e-mails and other forms of social media.

The problem here is that some links are lengthy and may break while sending an email or any other source. Avoiding this breakage, many websites have come up with free URL shortening services by which you can shorten your link of any length into a unique short link.

These sites help you not only to shorten the URL but also give you complete statistics of your link. These stats may vary from site to site and most of them give you number of clicks for a link and medium of traffic sources along with browsers.

Want to shorten your links?

Try any of the following websites

#1. Yourls provides you free and open source software by which you can run your own URL shortening service. You will be given the details of traffic sources, locations along with statistics. Try it here.

#2. This site shortens your links without any registration allows you to customize the link before shortening. After shortening the link, you will get three short links explained as below:

  1. Shortened link: This is to be used everywhere instead of your original link so that it gets tracked.
  2. Stats link: Clicking this gives you complete details of your shortened link including referred sites, redirects, IP address along with country names.
  3. QR Code link: This, On the other hand, redirects you to your original website on scanning.

#3. This is Google’s service and creates a single shortened link. You are able to track the following list:

  1. Visitors: Number of visitors clicked your link
  2. Browsers: On which browsers did the visitors open your site
  3. Countries: Names of the visitor’s countries (shown by highlighting in world map image)
  4. Platforms: Know what are the devices or operating systems used by visitors.

#4. This is not only a URL shortening service but also you will get paid. Register yourself and earn even through referring. Check out the pay rates here.

#5. Gives you QR code in addition to a short URL. Paste your lengthy link and click Cut button to shorten your link.


These are the sites commonly preferred by any individual or an organization.

we will Provide some more URL shortening websites in our Next Article.

So, where do you shorten your links?

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