Secret Tip to Solve Mobile Hanging Problems

Secret Tip to Solve Mobile Hanging Problems

Tip to solve problems of hanging a Mobile

There are Millions of Android Users throughout the World and Increasing Day by Day. But Every Second Person Facing Problem Related to Hanging or Freezing those Android Devices which are available at High Prices.

We all know that Android is one of the Best operating System for mobiles and Millions of People have Android phones, few people think that there Android smartphone hanging problem occurs due to errors or bugs in Android OS.

Android phone hanging problems occur due to several reasons so if you’re facing the same problem then follow this Secret tip.

Hi, Friends today I will tell you about how to increase the Processing Speed of your Mobile and To Solve the Hanging Problems of your Mobile.

There are some few steps to Solve the Hanging Problems of your Mobile.

Just Follow these Steps to Reduce Hanging Problems of your Android device and it May Increases the Processing Speed of your Device.

Go to Settings on Your Android Mobile.

Then Click on About Phone at the Bottom of the Settings as shown in Below Image.



Then Check the Version of your Device and whatever the Version is, Just Click on It.



You are Now the Developer of Your Mobile.

So, you can access your Mobile and the increasing of processing speed is in your Hands.

Next, Go to Additional Settings on your Mobile.

Settings —> System and Device —> Additional Settings



Then, We have three Options are Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale in Additional Settings.



There Speed Will be like .5x, 1x, 2x …. up to 10x.

Just turn off all these three options to increase the processing speed and deduct the Hanging Problems for your Mobile.

Watch the Below Video Regarding this Article.


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