List of Free URL shortening websites for Digital Marketing Part II

List of Free URL shortening websites for Digital Marketing Part II

Here we go with the Remaining of URL Shortening websites for Digital MarketingImage result for url shortening websites


In the Last Topic, we Shared Some of the URL Shortening websites For Digital Marketing. Here the Rest of the websites For URL shortening.

List of websites

#1. By this, you can create a URL that never expires.Note that you can create only 10 free URL rotators.


Cloaking is nothing but hiding your original affiliate in the address bar.

#2. This is a free URL shortening service in which the number of characters reduced by shortening your original link will be displayed along with a link to see stats of your link. You can directly tweet the shortened link by clicking on Twitter it links on the right side of your link.


#3. Create a customized short link for your long original link. Enables you to hide your affiliate URLs and allows you to redirect to any page within your page just by adding/followed b page name. Go through this link to know more.

#4.  A simple URL shortening site in which you can track your link by location, referring channels (facebook, twitter etc.) and can view your weekly statistics in a graph.

#5. This is another simple URL shortening website on which shortened links begin with followed by an alphanumeric value.

#6. Another URL shortening site which shows stats of your link on login.

#7. Trim your long URLs into trimmed links by just registering into the site. This tracks and displays your link overall performance in a graphs week wise and country wise. Trim your URL here.

#8. This site along with shortening will get you paid for your links based on the traffic of your sites. Just register into the site. Check out more details here.

#9. A single step URL shortening site which on pairing with Hootsuite gives you complete analytics of your links.

#10. Shortening your URLs on this generates three short links on which the first link is the actual shortened link, the second one is to analyze the statistics of your link and the third one shows the QR code of your site. Refer the screenshot below for more information.

So, where do you shorten your links?

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