Khakee Movie Review

Khakee Movie Review

Khakee Movie Review which is Released Today

Khakee is the Movie Based on True Cop Story Starred By Karthi Hit All the Screens Today.



Rakul Preet Singh

Abhimanyu Singh

Satyan Sooryan


Direction and Screenplay: H.Vinoth

Music: Ghibran

Editing: Shivanandeeswaran Thangavelu


DSP Dheeraj (Karthi) is a Sincere Cop in Early 90’s with an Uncompromising Attitude.

Priya (Rakul Preet Singh) is His Loved Wife and He Leads a Happy Life With Her.

During that Time Some Brutal Robberies all over the State and Lot of People Died where Cops Didn’t have any Clue At all About all these Robberies.

Dheeraj Take over this Case and Finds the Big Gang From Rajasthan Behind All these Robberies.

How Dhiraj achieves the goal and when Rakul comes into the scene and his life bringing him more problems are part of the storyline which one can enjoy more on the theatre screens.


The Biggest Plus Point For this Film is the Screenplay.

Credit to the Director the Way He shows the Story In Detail.

Karthi Did well as His Role as DSP Dheeraj.

Action Scenes are too Good.

Rakul Preet Singh Also Did Well and Gives Her Best For That Role.

Along with both of them, the supporting cast did really well.

Abhimanyu Singh is a talented actor who has got a good role in the film.


Some Pop Corn Entertainment is the Main Drawback For This Movie.

Un Connected Incidents.


Technically the film looks grand. The camera work is exceptional and the cinematographer Satyan Suryan’s framing is excellent.

The editing by Shiva Nandeeswaran is good and his scene transitions are impressive.

The music by Ghibran is okay and his background score also came out well.


This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theatre.


Good Action Thriller with Detailed Narration.

My Rating: 3/5


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