Free Cloud storage services everyone should use: Part-1

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Free Cloud storage services everyone should use: Part-1

Free Cloud storage services

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It is not an exaggeration to say that it’s time say goodbye to physical and local disk storage of your files and data. Since this storage will not guarantee you the safety of your files, a revolutionary concept of cloud storage has been developed.

In this, you can secure your valuable and confidential data in an online server which gives you 100 percent privacy as well as security. You will have access to your data through login via an app or any browser from any device. Many websites offering these services in which some are paid and some are absolutely free. All you do is to choose the best plan based on your personal/ business requirements.

So, where do you find such services?

Let me share you some of the best free online storage service websites in this post without wasting your valuable time.


Provides an easy possibility for you to send large files to your friends. First, upload the file you want to share. Enter your e-mail ID to get the download link of your file. Now, you can share that link with your friends by mail or instant messenger. It is also allowed to link to the download page from websites and communities. This is easy, fast and reliable file hosting!


ranks second on my list with 20GB free cloud storage space. We can upload files of any size (Should not exceed 20GB) without any registration. Password-protected access can be set for folders and also supports file commenting. Remember that unauthorized user files will be available up to 60 days since the upload

Google drive

With 15GB (including the attachments of e-mail used for registration) of online space, google drive has a simple, clean and neat interface which lets you upload files easily. You can share files from Gmail, google photos or can be uploaded directly to the dive.


This is a service to host unlimited free upload, download with unlimited individual file size limit. You can upload all kind of files you want except PHP, pl, CGI, py, sh, shtml either directly or through Remote URL upload. It is a CDN service and Cloud service at the same time and users can earn money by promoting their files.

Open load

on the other hand, gives you a free storage limit of 10 GB with an individual file uploading limit of 1GB. Note that streamable files will be deleted after 60 days inactivity (not-streamable files after 30 days of inactivity) and following are the file types supported by Openload.

  1. Audio: MP3; AAC; Ogg Opus; WebM Vorbis; WebM Opus; WAV-PCM
  2. Video: MP4; WebM; Ogg Theora
  3. Docs: .html; .php; .txt

So, these are few of the websites offering free online storage services. In my next post, I will share few more websites.

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