Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules

Here we go with some divisibility Rules in Mathematics which are useful to find answers quickly.

In competitive exams, we can find the divisibility of the given number very quickly by using these Divisibility rules.



Divisibility Rule For 2 :


A number is divisible by 2 when the units digit of the Given Number is 0 or Multiple of 2.

Ex : 13560, 1856, 25832.

In above numbers, all digits in units place are 0,6 and 2. So, there is 0 and remaining are the Multiples of 2. Then the whole number will be divisible by 2.


Divisibility Rule For 3 :


If the sum of the digits of the given number is divisible by 3 then the whole number will divisible by 3.

Ex: 24831

Here sum of the digits of given number is 2+4+8+3+1 = 18.

So, the given number will divisible by 3.


Divisibility Rule For 4 :


If the Last 2 Digits of the Given Number is Divisible by 4 or the 2 digits are o’s then the whole Number will be Divisible by 4.

Ex: 24000, 25628

In the Above Example Last two digits in 24000 are 00 and in 25628 the Last 2 digits are Divisible by 4.

So, Both Numbers will Divisible By 4.


Divisibility Rule For 5 :


If the Last Number of the Given Number is 0 or 5 then the whole Number will Divisible by 5.

Ex: 20215, 58250

In the Above Example, 0 and 5 are in Units Place. So, the Both Numbers will Divisible by 5.


Divisibility Rule For 6 :


If the Given Number Must be  Divisible by both 2 and 3 then it will be divisible by 6.

Ex: 23453, 23454.

In the Above Given Example where the First Number is Divisible by 3 but does not divisible with 2. so, it will not Divisible by 6.

Where the 2nd Number is Divisible by Both 2 and 3, then the Number will Exactly Divisible by 6.

So, we Must Check the Given Number will exactly Divisible by Both 2 and 3. Then, it will be Divisible by 6.

Here some of the Rules of Divisibility Friends. We will Discuss the Remaining of the Rules in Next Article.

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