Detective Movie Review

Detective Movie Review

Detective Movie Review Which Was Released Today

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Telugu Movie Detective is the Dubbed Movie of Tamil Version Thupparivaalan. It is an Investigative Crime Drama Which is Directed By Mysskin.


Vishal Krishna

Anu Emmanuel

Andrea Jeremiah




Director: Mysskin

Producer: G. Hari

Music Director: Arrol Corelli


Advaita Bhushan (Vishal) Is Our Desi Sherlock Holmes Who runs Detective Agency in Vizag.

Manohar (Prasanna) is in (Watson Role) Who is His Partner and Assists Him By Aiding in His Cases.

A small boy approaches them with a case that his dog was shot dead and asks him to find out the killer.

Bhushan starts his interrogation but finds out that there is a huge setup and contract killers behind all this.

There is a subplot involving a pickpocket, Mallika (Anu Emanuel), who turns a new leaf for the hero and also aids him in his mission at a crucial juncture.

Well, how does he manage to track all of this is the whole film about.


Vishal is the center of attraction and backbone for this film. He is pretty impressive in the role of an eccentric detective.

The detective has decent production values. Action choreography, cinematography and background score are the main attractions on the technical front.

The second half is where the actual action begins as the main links to the suspense story are revealed clearly.

The climax portions and all the murders have been showcased in a very interesting manner.


The Things Setting Up During First Half Were Not Clear and Viewers Confused a bit.

There are Certain Logics Goes Against the Film Which Detective takes Upper Hand on the Cops and Take Things By His Own.


This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theatre.


The Detective is an Investigative Crime Drama with Some Interesting Moments. A Gripping Second Half and Some Decent Performances are Huge Assets of this Film.

My Rating: 2.5 / 5


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