Best Websites For Free Online Logo Designing Part I

Best Websites For Free Online Logo Designing Part I

13 Best Websites For Free Online Logo designing

Are you a startup?

Want to market your brand aggressively?

Well, the first step you have to do (probably every organization will do) is design the logo and market that.

Do you know the role of logos in the market?

If your answer is NO, let me just give you a brief introduction about the importance of logos.

A logo is a representation of your brand in the market. It resembles what your services are. The more the people are familiar with your logo, the higher your sales, and revenue; especially for startups.

Marketing a well-designed and recognizable logo absolutely increases your business and brand value in the market.

But everyone cannot hire visual/graphic designers or purchase from other sources.

So, how do startups get logos?

Well, there are many websites online which give you professional looking logos for free in just a few minutes. Open the site, select design, modify, download and use it for free.

Let’s see some of such free logo designing websites now.



This is one of the best websites for free logo designing. This site offers a free download of designed logos in .zip format. The zip file will surprise you with source files of your logo in .psd, .ai, .eps, .cdr along with .pdf, .png and .jpeg formats. Use it for free after making required changes. Have a look at the screenshot below.


On the other hand, this site has a clean and simple interface from which you can browse for your logo quickly and download. No registration into the site is required. On download, you will get the .psd file directly to your device. You can modify it and use in personal or even commercial projects for free. All you have to do is just add backlinks to Go through this link to know more.


In this site, a list of icons/logos is displayed by category. Just select one from the list and add your text if needed. After formatting the colors or fonts as you prefer, click on Save & Download your logo button on the top right corner of the page to save your logo. Giving your email ID on the site is optional and you can get your file without any email subscription. Look at the image given below.

These are some of the free websites I have found so far. The numbering which I gave to the list above is actually a rank to the sites based on ease to use and download. The List Continues with the Remaining Parts of the Article So Far.

So, what is your best website to design free logos for your projects?


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